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This is the catering division of Doner House.  Doner House is the only halal restaurant in Chile, and serves original Turkish food, which was introduced to Chile by Turkish immigrants over 50 years ago. Due to its popularity, Doner House has become an alternative fast food in Chile.  Added on May 19, 2009 and last updated 3 years ago

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Oxley, QLD
  I have been staying in Santiago for a while and needed some Halal meat after a very strict vegetarian diet. After a very lengthy walk I found this place, it got good reviews on Zabihah. To my utter disappointment, I was told that by the staff that the establishment is not Halal. I had thought that they may have misunderstood me and explained that I am a Muslim, therefore I can only eat Halal. They assured me that they understand I am a Muslim and clarified that no Muslim can eat in their establishment because nothing is Halal - they made it very clear. I do not think I will bother to visit the other Doner House. responds: We will confirm with the establishment - thank you for sharing your experience

San Jose, CA
★★★★  Nice food and I think the only one in the area with halal food, Guy at the counter mention that chicken is not halal. This is very nice of him for telling the truth. Will surely visit them again.

Park, KS
★★★  ok thanks for Zabihah and an easy location to find. Turkish owner claims that he does the zabiah himself to make it halal. He also claimed that this is the only halal meat place in santiago. He also mentioned that chicken is not halal so dont order it.

For the food the taste was not that good, i ordered donner kebab and it was full of fat and so i couldnt finish the whole sandwich. Am gonna be here for a week so i guess there will be no choice but to eat this fat for next 6 days.

Resturant is very basis but staff is friendly and so the owner.

Charlotte, NC
★★★  This is the only Halal restaurant in Santiago, and maybe all of Chile. Owned by 2 Turkish brothers. One of them spoke a little english and he explained they go to the farm and do zabihah themselves. Also, they supply meat for the very small muslim community in the area.

The restaurant is very basic, and very small. They have a few tables setup on the sidewalk which is great to hang out in the evenings. The area is pretty safe as well. The food was average, a little on the salty side (Chileans use alot of salt). Don't expect anything spicy either. The meat was very fresh and tasted well. You may want to ask for double meat and less of the other stuff (leuttuce, tomato, etc) in the sandwiches. To keep prices affordable for the locals, the sandwiches are designed with less meat and more 'stuffings'.

I would definitely visit again, and certainly wish them well.
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