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This is the catering division of Wah-Gi-Wah.  Wah-Gi-Wah means 'spectacular' and that is the taste experience we aim for. We specialize in bringing authentic Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi Cuisine to West Philadelphia. We start with traditional cooking and authentic recipes, then our chefs add the spices, seasoning and fresh vegetables so that it is a new experience each time.. Our goal is to give you entrees that are filling and delicious for the lowest price. We serve all Halal. Free Wi-Fi Internet Access. Located at 4447 Chestnut Street, Between Spruce Hill and University City. Wah-Gi-Wah Halal Restaurant is open 7 days a week: Monday to Thursday, 11:00AM to 11:00PM, Friday to Sunday 11:00AM to 12 Midnight.  Added on August 14, 2010 and last updated 4 years ago

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Feasterville-Trevose, PA
★★★★★  Very good Pakistani food. Very clean and decent sitting. Love this place!

Mount Laurel, NJ
★★★★  Decent food. Issues with parking.

Philadelphia, PA
NR  I have to this place many times, most of their food is fantastic we really like it. My kids love thus place

Irving, TX
★★★★★  The best chargha I have ever had. Seekh kabab, nihari, and haleem were also all very good. Prices are very reasonable, though I'd call ahead to save some time.

Narberth, PA
★★★★★  I can't believe it took me so long to try this place. The neighborhood is sketchy and you have to rely on street parking, but dine in or carry out, this is by far the best authentic Lahori-style desi food in Philly. You have to try their haleem (weekends only), charga, seekh kabobs and vegetable dishes. Great fish and the naans are just amazing - fresh out of the tandoor. All my interactions with the owners were friendly.

United States
★★★★★  Wah Ji Wah indeed!

This place rocks. Very clean basic decor. Service is courteous. Call ahead for large parties and chicken chargha.
Fish taka tak lamb chops are excellent. Goat karahi is very good too. The kheer (rice puddings) is very good.

Their family package is the best value. At under $25, you get one chargha, two shish kabobs, 4 naans, and 2 20 oz sodas. Unbeatable.

Place gets busy on weekends to call ahead 20-30 to reserve table. Good place to have desi grub fests and small get togethers (10-15 people).

United States
★★  Have gone here a couple times for dinner. Chicken Kabobs were really dry, rice was bland and okra was saturated with oil. The Keema nans were ok at best.

Collegeville, PA
★★  Not as good as other Pakistani places in town, people were nice.

Bear, DE
★★  Was great when i ate when it opened up. Now the quality of chargha (it's signature dish) has deteriorated. Chargha is plastic like in consistency and is most probably refried and to make the things worse, the owner does not care about very honest and constructive feedback.

Levittown, PA
  Extremely unprofessional and rude staff. We were told by the staff we needed to give them 4 hour notice from the time we needed to pick up the roast lamb raan since it takes 4 hours to marinate the raan. We placed the order 24 hours before we needed to pick up the raan for our guests. I personally called the place and reminded them 4 hours before the pick up time and was told everything is good. When my husband finally reached there to pick up the raan, he was told that they just got the raan and will make it in 10-25 minutes. Instead of accepting their mistake, we were told that they have too many customers and they don't need our business and how our raan ruined their day. We were also told that the raan that takes 4 hours to marinate will taste the same if they make it in 10 minutes because of the machines they have in the back. We had our doubts but we got the raan anyway since we were expecting guests and it SUCKED. I have never had a worse piece of lamb than that raan. It was dry and tasteless. At the end, we ended up feeding the raan to bunch of stray cats. Will NOT recommend this place at all. In my opinion, they are dishonest. I would recommend trying the place two blocks down which has very courteous and professional staff and their food is much better than this place too.

San Francisco, CA
★★★★  Stopped here for lunch. Who can resist trying out a place with a name like that? The beef kabob, chicken tikka, aloo kheema, naan and chutney were outstanding. The service was not the best, but I didn't care as I was too busy enjoying my lunch. Seating area is kinda limited during lunch but still comfortable. I will return here. I recommend.

United States
★★★★★  Tried chicken chargha today, taste was awsome. We all liked it. Nice to see some halaal food at resonable price and excellent taste. Service is little slow, but worth waiting.

Philadelphia, PA
★★★★  Their chargha (whole chicken) is really really good, rest of the food is very delicious as well. It's clean and reasonably priced, overall a good place to eat out.

United States
★★★★  The food is definately delicious. The charga and naan was very good. I'm very happy that we have such a great halal desi cuisine in the area. My only request to the restaurant owner is to put on the heat in the winter! It was extremely cold in the restaurant and uncomfortable to eat in, although the decor was very nice too.

Tampa, FL
★★★★  This place serves good food in a clean environment. They would be excellent if the service is just a little faster. A wait of 45 mins for a chicken sandwich is much too long, but again, you will not be disappointed.

Newark, DE
★★★★★  Good is good only when made fresh

East Elmhurst, NY
★★★★★  Food is very good, place is clean and the service is good.
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