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This is the catering division of Yemen Café.  Yemen Cafe was established in 1986, right where it is. It's a family-owned business. We have been serving the same Yemeni food. Our specialty is the roasted lamb.  Added on April 30, 2001 and last updated 4 months ago

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Springfield, VA
★★★★★  This was my first experience with Yemeni food. The food was good. The people working there were nice and helpful. The atmosphere was nice. The A/C was a welcome relief from the humid heat outside. They had an awesome fish tank which my daughter loved watching the entire time. I would come back again.

Paramus, NJ
★★★★★  PROS - outstanding food quality, one of the most tasty & authentic middle eastern food you will get in NYC. Traditional style cooking ( down to the old pots) - anyone from the Middle East will probably get nostalgic once the try the food, great portion sizes, lots of complimentary items ( large nan flatbreads, salad, kava tea , soup all included in most of the entrees ), huge variety and meat is cooked to good perfection. Considering how busy this place gets the service speed (once you are seated) is outstandingly fast - with a full house of 60+ patrons we got our food in less then 10 minutes.

CONS - no parking ( its Brooklyn so you will probably look upwards of 30 minutes for a spot ), long wait (took 30 mins to get a table), poor 2nd floor location (not particularly easy to access for the elderly or young children), not a family environment (tables are overly squeezed together - literally the table tops don't have the size to hold standard order let alone a party of 4), a bit on the pricey side considering (entrees are $16 so you technically pay for all the "complimentary" stuff like naan / salad / soup / kava tea ), the waiting line is absurd (you are squeezed into the stairwell & door entrance). Though unlikely, would be great if they could shift to a next door type street level location and more open / family friendly seating.

VERDICT - Despite some major cons, this is a must try experience for homestyle / authentic middle eastern food : great for a order out or grab and go type of meal for small group (i.e. party of 3) who is just looking for good food and can forgo some of the flaws of the cafe.

Albuquerque, NM
★★★★★  Must go place

New York, NY
★★★★  Huge portions, excellent food, but just a little too expensive for me. I prefer the Yemen Cafe in Bay Ridge.

West Norriton Township, PA
★★★★★  This place is just amazing. I agree with one reviewer that this is a benchmark that every middle eastern restaurant should be measured against. The haneez is a WOW, the thought of it writing this review waters my mouth. People are great, the restaurant itself is not that classy, but with this food and the service, that just doesn't matter.

Pittsburgh , PA
★★★★★  The best place I've been to so far. Hand down! My taste buds go to another universe with every thing they serve. I start drooling on the way there! 5 stars doesn't do it justice. I would live above if I can. I took all my friends there. For me it's a mist whenever I plan a trip to the city.

Brooklyn, NY
★★★★★  great food, atmosphere, service..haneez...yemen tea...a must!

United States
  Overrated. Nice atmosphere and stuff but if you want your food to have a little flavor- like some salt or even a little bit of spice, then I wouldn't recommend this place. But the service was fast.

San Francisco, CA
★★★★  This is a very nice Middle Eateern restaurant in Brooklyn. One of the better places in the area. We tried the chicken and lamb and both were very good. Portion sizes are huge and prices are reasonable. The workers assured that all meat served is halal. Service was OK, but excusable since the place was very busy.

Montclair, NJ
★★★★★  This place is a yardstick by which all other Yemeni restaurants (in USA) should be measured.

Boston, MA
★★★  Average.

Bridgetown, St Michael
★★★★★  The first time I came here I had a shock. I was quite hungry and was contemplating whether I should have an appetiser before the main dish. When I asked if the appetisers were small I was assured they were and so I went ahead and ordered both an appetiser and a main course. I had barely finished the complimentary salad, soup and bread when the quite sizeable appetiser arrived. I quickly requested them to pack the main course to take with me. The delicious food, huge portions, complimentary soup, salad and bread all made me fall in love with this place! Add the friendly staff, hole in the wall atmosphere and delicious Yemeni tea and this was one of my most frequented places. I introduced a number of friends to this place also and they all had nothing but praise for the food. I am not a lamb person but the roast lamb is wonderful as most of the other dishes on the menu I tried. I made sure to eat here the day before I left NYC to return home!

Valley Stream, NY
★★★★  Very authentic, down to the old, worn out (and probably unhealthy to cook in) clay pots. If you thought arab food was bland and tasteless check this place out. Haneez needs to be tried at least once. The soup is excellent. Tea was nice because it was different though I would tire of it quick because it has too much 'elaychi'. Overall a very nice experience. The price is manhattan standards though so expect to shell out at least 20 bucks a head.

★★★★  You walk into this place and take a seat at any of the uncovered brown tables mapping the floor. There's the same Arabic music playing that you remember from the last time you were there. Burly men sit hunched over large white plates sharing bread from a silver platter and sipping hot tea.

Pictures from the Yemenese capital and landscape adore the walls. The inset aquarium with tropical fish is a little out of place but still fascinating.

Every once in a while, the waiter walks past you with a steaming and sizzling bowl.

Portion sizes here match the prices. The roast lamb is their most popular dish and also the one that comes the quickest when you order it.

The bread and soup are wonderful appetizers and could be had just by themselves. The (free) tea really puts this place over the top though.

Brooklyn, NY
★★★★★  ditto bklyn786

Brooklyn, NY

Allston, MA
★★★★★  The best middle eastern food I've had. Period. The haneez (roasted lamb) and salta (Yemeni stew) are my favorite items. You can have all the cardamon tea you want and they make their generous portions of bread in an authentic clay oven. Eat with your hands if you like; this place has the sights and smells of the middle east. I also highly recommend the kibdeh liver appetizer.

★★★★★  Delicious lamb. The Haneez is definitely the thing to order. They also have halal chicken soup, but it's more of a broth

New York, NY
★★★★  The place to go in NYC hands down. The tea is to die for, but a lot of nonMuslims have started to attend in recent years so portions have gotten smaller, food less spicy, prices more expensive. AGH.

Naperville, IL
★★★★★  Love this place ! We have tried almost all the entrees on the menu and all are equally good . Their specialty Haneez (roasted lamb ) is simply amazing , the meat is so tender and flavorful ! Chicken dishes especially the roasted Chicken and Zorbian (a rice dish) is good too !!

It may seem a bit pricy but the food quantity is great and they serve salad , soup and bread (naan) with it. The soup tastes really good too !! and to digest it all you must drink their tea .. amaziinngg !!

All is all a great place to go and eat delicious halal food , the service is also exceptionally good , really friendly guys !!

Brooklyn, NY
★★★★★  The decor is okay. A good place to go out with friends or your family. Staff very polite. The lamb is the BEST. Although most platters are around $14 - it includes: salad, soup, bread and the tea at the end of the meal. A great dish is Aseed (spelling??). It's kind of like mashed dumplings w/gravy on top. And the masjid is on State/Clinton street (where my hubby & I got married!)

New York, NY
★★★★  The roast lamb is what you want here. It's a bit pricey (14 or so) but it is a whole lotta meat. There is a Masjid in a Brownstone 2 min walk from here too.

United Kingdom
★★★★★  This brings back some of my best memories of NY. I had an awesome chicken pitta sandwich to go, ate it as I watched the early evening ambience reflect of the shimmering glass across the East river in Wall Street.

San Marcos, CA
★★★★  The place was very nice and staff were friendly. Food was ok. If you want only halal I recommend this place. Salaams.

United States
★★★★  Very friendly service and the food is great! Parking is extremely hard to find though. Wonderful bread and roast lamb. Chicken kebab was a bit burnt thought.

United States
★★★★★  Excellent food!! I go just for the soup, bread, and yemeni tea (all free!) and end up eating so many nice dishes..

United States
★★★★★  The best Arab restaurant to eat around Atlantic Ave.,Brooklyn. You must try the roast lamb, soup, and tea. The place was recently improved and looks great. I'm a regular there..and the food is not expensive.

United States
★★★★★  One of the best restaurants in Brooklyn. My favourites are the soup, roast lamb, the salta and the fresh bread.

United States
★★★★  It really has one of the best foods that I have ever eaten, especially the roast lamb which must be tried. They also have free Yemeni Tea, which is very good for digestion.

United States
★★★★★  The best traditional Yemenite food in New York and probably the US. The roast lamb is the best I have ever tasted! During Ramadan they offer special iftar dishes at great prices.

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