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United States
★★★  After reading all the reviews I decided to give this place a try ... The food was good not great just good i have had better thai food before but the quantity that you get for the price you pay is not worth it ... It was one of those restaurant that you try once just to try it but I wouldn't go back there again

United States
NR  Arrived NY after a very long flight and search for halal restaurant nearby my hotel and saw Nanking on Zabihah.

Feeling hungry and looking for my very first meal in NY.

The restaurant look ok and I asked if the food there is halal because I saw alcohol bar near the entrance. I was told the food there is halal and certificate to proof it.

When the food arrived, I bet I was hungry. But I must say the food doesn't taste like Thai or Chinese as they claims. I bet the spices they use is not meant to be for that kind of cooking style and I bet the chefs think he was cooking Thai or Chinese food but I think he is not.

Bottom line is I'm not gonna go there anymore.

United States
★★★★  Some dishs are good, some are average.

Dont eat the satay it is Awful.

Service is always decent.

Worth a trip if u are going for lunch or around Times square.

West Hollywood, CA
★★★★  Have eaten here twice & twice it was simply wonderful.

San Francisco, CA
★★★★  Good tasting food. Very expensive. Most dishes are $16 and up. We tried the yellow chicken curry, satay, drumbs of heaven (wings) and Ginger and basil chicken. Food was delicious and service was very attentive. Please note this place serves alcohol.

Stony Brook, NY
★★★★  The food was pretty good, service was prompt, but it is pricey (expected considering the location). It's a nice halal option near Times Square.

United States
★★★  Good place but verryyy expensive:(

London, England
★★★★★  Wonderful place to eat, the service was really good, we asked if all the food is halal, which it is, but you need to make sure you ask them not to put cooking wine into your dishes, we had the chicken satay and steamed chicken dumplings which were really nice, the mains dishes were really big portions! We got one duck thai curry and lamb curry dish with jasmine rice - the duck curry was wonderful! Overall service was good : )

Collegeville, PA
★★★★  I don't know who said a the price here is a con, its $10 for lunch with soup. It's a step up from average, both NJ locations are better but not by much.

New York, NY
★★★★  Pros: food is really good!

Cons: Service at times, price, serving size, not as good as the original one in Piscataway, NJ.

Cambridge, MA
★★★★  I went to this restaurant yesterday February 3rd 2010. It has a nice atmosphere, music not too load. The food was nice and the portions were fulfilling. I went with my father who was visiting from outside the US, my wife and my daughter. Although the place sells alcohol the manger “a Muslim” assured me that all the food is Halal. I ordered the Kum Tam soup nice “if you like cream base”, and the main dish lamb in oyster sauce and some kind of shrimp “that I can't recall” excellent. The waiter we had was a nice Asian lady, and I didn't notice the usual NY waiter attitude. It is expensive “ at lest for students” but it would make a nice diner with the significant other or friends.
I would defiantly advice people to go there, not the best in NYC but nice.

Milwaukee, WI
  Cant ask for worse service than theirs. The waiters have too much attitude specially one of the guys who i think might be the manager or one of the senior waiters. Food is decent - some dishes are good while some are not. Overpriced but i guess they overcharge for location.

Los Angeles, CA
★★  Not impressed with this place.......The food is extremely overpriced and the food portions are really small.........The service is also not great---when he asked the waiter to turn down the AC because we were freezing he responded by saying he could not because it was automatic.......I wouldn't recommend this place.

Park Ridge, NJ
★★★  I had their Thai Curry Fried Rice (w/Chicken). I must say I was disappointed; the food definately did not taste fresh. The chicken had either been refrigerated repeatedly or sitting out too long. Also, this food is definately more indian than thai in flavoring. Decor was nice; location is convenient but they can improve on the quality of their food considering their prices.

United States
★★★★★  Ordered in at the office (midtown) - the 'troublesome chicken' aka 'hakka chili chicken' was very good. Definitely recommended.
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