Grillin Hut
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Grillin Hut
1935 Drew Road, Unit 15, Mississauga, ON L5S 1M7
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First authentically Halal Steakhouse in the West side of Toronto. Halal Monitoring Authority approved.  Added on November 20, 2011 and last updated 2 years ago

Grillin Hut
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Brampton, ON
  I've given up on Grillin Hut. They make good food, but their service is among the worst I've seen in the city. Sloppy dressed waiters, picking their teeth, and tossing food onto the table. It's too much, and I've given up waiting for them to figure this out.

The food is good, but you're going to have to tackle a waiter to get service.

Mississauga, ON
★★  There is bad customer service and then there is absolutely abysmal. This restaurant would get the latter rating from me. The food is good but not that great to warrant another visit and the absolute lack of a pleasant dining experience only fuels the desire to never return to this place.

We had made reservations for a party of 10 and yet had to wait 15 minutes before being shown to our table that was still being cleaned. I am assuming it was the owner who was taking the orders and his only intention was to upsell without explaining any of the menu items properly. We ordered the Mixed Platter from the Family Platters and were told one platter is only good for two people! I am not sure what restaurant considers a "party of two" to be a "family"! When we indicated that we will order more if needed, he said the only thing you can get is Biryani as other items will take 20 minutes to prepare - sure one can think he was being honest but, to put it simply, he was telling us that later you will only get the re-heated biryani as opposed to anything made fresh.

One of the odd things was their "complimentary sides" or appetizers that consisted of spring rolls, small samosas, french fries, potato wedges, some stale channa ki daal, not so fresh naans and mashed potato with gravy and salad. I am guessing since people were loading up on the sides, it is no wonder upselling is a tactic they use. The mixed platter was supposed to come with salad, fries and garlic naan. We got all but the naan and when we asked for the naan, we were conveniently pointed to the "complimentary sides" that had run out of the garlic naans and eventually the regular naans as well.

The food was OK - we had two mixed platters and there was still plenty left - at least we did not feel utterly disappointed but all in all a crappy dining experience not worth the trip.

Mississauga, ON
★★★★★  I had the best halal steak ever and the a salad buffet was free with the meal. The service was just awesome.
I would recommend having the New York striplion. Best hala steak ever

United States
★★★★★  Visited this place with my family today. Food and service are excellent. We tried the New York Steak and Chicken Breast Grill. They have unlimited buffet of 12 sides along with the main dishes. If you consider the 12 unlimited sides the prices are very reasonable. The owner is a good muslim brother and there is a place to pray.
Update: They have added Hyderabadi biryani to the menu which is the best I have eaten in North America.

Hamilton, ON
  Went to Grillin Hut with 6 friends last night and I can honestly speak for all them when I say that this was the WORST DINING EXPERIENCE EVER! From the poor customer service, stenchy glasses, dirty cutlery, to poor quality meals, this is definitely one place that we will never return to!

We read the great reviews on this site and thought we should try this place out. However, what we experienced was the complete opposite. So either only select highly-rated comments are being posted on this site or false-advertising is being employed to lure people to a place they will never forget (because it is that bad).

Brampton, ON
★★★★★  Went there two weeks ago, Food was delicious, especially Bihari kabobs they were amazing, Nice place for families to go.

Mississauga, ON
★★★  Went here some time ago with the entire family (8 people). Meat here is the true definition of halal, so you can rest assured there.
Atmosphere was sub-par but I like the feature of divided "booths" where sisters with a niqab can eat in peace, two major thumbs up for that idea.
Taste wise - I would say it was average. I've had better steaks elsewhere in town for the same price.
Service though was 2nd to none.
I don't know if it is my "go to" halal restaurant in the competitive Mississauga market, but nevertheless it is a good establishment.

Toronto, ON
★★★★  This is the only place to go to when you have a family who want both desi and american trusted HALAL food. The service and food are excellent! The owners are muslims ( they have special designated place for prayers for anyone who want to offer their salat). Chicken Breast was one of the best I ever had. The novel idea for buffet for sides till your order comes in is great specially if you have kids who want to eat right away, but a word of caution do not stuff yourself too much with sides or you will not enjoy the actual meal. Only drawback was the fried sides were a little cold but that could be becoz I went almost at closing time. Waiting to go again!

Toronto, ON
★★★★★  Bismillahi MashaAllah. This place is definitely on my top 10 places in the GTA. Perfect for families where the parents want Desi style food, but the kids want grilled items like steaks and kabobs. Steak connoisseurs may have a bone to pick with the cook, but all in all, for the regular joe it was pretty good Alhamdulillah. Loved the idea of a buffet style for your side dishes on the weekend, with plenty of all you can eat, it's a definite win. Cleanliness, HMA certification and a kitchen full of beautifully bearded brothers is the icing on the cake. May Allah grant them tawfiq, Jazakumullahu Khayran.

Buffalo, NY
★★★★★  This place is awesome. Its worth driving 2 hrs from Buffalo, NY to this place because thats where I live. MashaAllah I trust them because they are proper practicing Muslims and their meat is certified by HMA. Try their NY steak its off the hook.

Rochester Hills, MI
★★★★★  Excellent food. Idea of free buffet/salad bar while you are waiting for your food is amazing. We tried grilled chicken breast, seekh kabab and karahi, all very good.

Toronto, ON
★★★★★  Very good food
Nice environment
the stafff was really nice
and even a separate section for niqabi women

★★★★★  This is by far my go to place for grilled items. Sincere staff members, and definitely sumptuous and delicious dishes!

Owner greets you personally and looks after your dietary needs throughout your stay.

My all time favourite, Ancient Beef Kabab!

Markham, ON
★★★★★  My family and I have been visiting this restaurant for a couple of occasions. It is now our kids favourite restaurant! When we recently visited, they started a buffet system...and it was Alhamdulilah very good. My family and I really enjoyed it!
Great food! Great service! and Affordable prices!

Mississauga, ON
★★★★★  By Far this place has amazing food. The service is a lil slow and wishy washy as they seem to learn to be professional restaurant operators I am sure as time passes they will learn the tricks of improving on their service aspect. INSHALLAH

Mississauga, ON
★★★★★  I've been here twice now. Once for a take out order and more recently for dine-in.
I was impressed at the amount of space they have available and the service I was provided.
My wife and I found the food delicious and very affordable for the amount of food. We got the Ancient Beef Kabob plate and Grilled Chicken Breast plate.
They even had a section to pray salaat which is great!
HMA = Confidence in the place having hand slaughtered halal meat!

★★★  Just want to say this place is expensive. The young gentleman who works there will keep trying to upsell you. Me and my friend bought some poutine and wings for the 2 of us, the bill came out to over $40. The wing weren't tasty at all and you can get better elsewhere for less than half the price. Same thing with poutine, portions very small, barely any cheese. Same thing with rest of the menu, they will fill the plate full of salad. The owner however is very nice.
Grillin Hut responds: Assalamu Alaikum Brother, We would like to thank you for visiting Grillin Hut, we truely appreciate your business, furthermore, would like to thank you for taking the time to write the review. We want to constantly improve our quality of food and service. We offer our Chicken Wings as Dinner plate that consist of 10 Chicken Wings, Fries, Salad and Garlic Naan as appetizer. offered at $11.99. If you have ordered 2 Chicken Wings dinner your bill should be around $27.00 unless you have order other items. We hope to see you soon at the Grillin Hut!

Brampton, ON
★★★★★  Give this restaurant lots of support as they deserve it. The Owner and Staff are very polite and the service they provide is the way you would want to be treated. The food is great and is getting better. The portions are generous for the prices. This is a legit Zabiha Halal place and Yes it's also CLEAN.

Brampton, ON
★★★★★  I attended this restaurant with my wife on a Saturday night. The service was fairly quick, and the waiter was very friendly. I ordered a sirloin steak which was very tasty and done to perfection. My wife ordered penne pasta, and the owner provided sauteed vegetables on the house, which was very kind of him. The ambiance was very good. They have special accommodations for those who want added privacy. The portions were very large.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to others. It is a new restaurant, and I wish it the best and much success in the future, inshaAllaah.

Toronto, ON
★★★★★  Went out with my family for dinner and decided to give this place a try. Was a great choice! We had a great time and enjoyed our experience. Complimentary freshly baked and seasoned naan with dip is brought to the tables once seated was warm, fluffy and delicious. Ordered 3 types of steaks, chicken parmesan, achari chicken, and ancient kabob. 2/3 steaks were great, 1 of them was salty. The ancient kabob was GREAT. Achari chicken was not good. However, the owner (i think) came out, checked and agreed it was not up to par and took it off the bill. The chef came out as well to talk to us and apologize.

Overall, the food was fresh and great but some quality control is needed. This is acceptable given it's a new restaurant and the fact that they were accommodating when dealing with some of the problems. I would go here again in a heartbeat - but I would probably stick to the grill items because they were consistently solid.

Mississauga, ON
★★★★★  Best restaurant ever. Went with 10 friends and we loved the tasty chef menu. Got to try so many different items for a low price. Food tastes amazing and great service!

Malton, ON
★★★  The steak is good but still needs cooking I personally do not recommend this restaurant.

Mississauga, ON
★★★★★  Have been here 3+ times already, great food and service.

Partition available for niqabi's.

Generous portions/quantity.

Takeout special: Biryani+Roll less than$10.00 & fills 2-3 avg poeple, A.H :)

Best part: HMA Certified

Brampton, ON
★★★★★  Took my family (wife and 3 kids). We really enjoyed the food. The restaurant is very clean with beautiful decor. Had the 12oz steak while the wife had the chicken breast and the kids had the chicken fingers. My kids ate everything up - which is rare. The steaks I had were medium-well and very juicy on the inside and grilled to perfection on the outside. They give lots of food for a decent price. And the service was amazing, the owner and server were always looking out for us even though the restaurant was almost to full capacity.

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