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This is the catering division of La Sani.  La Sani Catering was reported closed or not Halal 5 months ago

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United States
★★★★★  We've celebrated a few ceremonies and occasions here back in the day. I've always liked the food. The location is not the best however.

United States
  Their meat and chicken items are just ok but the vegetables and pakora curry is OUTSTANDING. Best pakora curry in entire USA. Customer service is ok. Restaurant is clean but party hall is not very well decorated.

United States
★★★★  I've visited La Sani several times. The restaurant has been under new management since Dec 2010. The chap that owns the restaurant now also takes care of the catering. He's very friendly and goes out of his way to make sure you are satisfied with the food and service. The food is great, authentic Lahori cuisine at it's best. I would recommend the Lahori Chargha, Brain Masala , Biryani, Chicken and Beef Kebab. For me and my family it's the best Pakistani restaurant in Houston.

Washington Twps, NJ
★★★  Visiting from NJ, with my wife. Last night we were starved, visited two restaurants that closed their businesses for good, visited another that was closed on Mondays. Finally found Lasani. I happen to know the original owner Azad Raja, who started his first Lasani in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and we were regular customers. Anyway, last night visit to Lasani Houston was a complete disappointment. Lahori fish was no where near Lahori fish and Chicken Karahi had no praiseworthy taste. Maybe it was time of evening (there were no other customers during our 1 hour visit)

Houston, TX
★★  The last few times I went the food was sub-par, so I have stopped going. With all the other good pakistani restaurants close by, this one is no longer high on my list.

Anchorage, AK
★★★★  I found this place to be reasonable. The staff was curteous and quality of food was good and prices were reasonable. The location is average and overall layout and interior could be improved.

Spring, TX
★★  I have been going here for years, and it (the place and food) has deteriorated year after year. The food is still "ok." I don't necessarily enjoy prostitutes walking in to the restaurant while eating lunch with my family / kids. they REALLY need to change the location and get staff that actually speaks and understands English.

Jersey Village, TX
★★★  Food is good no doubt. Customer service is horrible. They once charged me twice on my credit card when I inquired the uncle there got defensive instead of apologizing. I had to call my bank to get it taken care of..... Do go there but pay in cash. (My experience)

Canton, MI
★★★★  I go to many restaurants in Houston, and this is one of the better Pakistani restaurants in Houston. Anytime we have family from out of town, we always bring them here. It is great food, and served fresh. The buffet is okay, but when you order, it is a lot better. The staff is usually very nice to us and they take care of us. I would say to try this place, if you havent already.

Little Rock, AR
★★★★★  We went in their banquet hall for some function. All served food was great in taste, very well cooked and highly recommended to visit again

Houston, TX
★★★★★  This is where you take your parents/in-laws for special occasions. Simply delightful.

Houston, TX
★★★  i had my reception there, they stole the food plus there was not enough lighting on stage. only theirs spicy brinjals were good.

South Africa
★★★  Staff and owners are very friendly. Food was ok, nothing out-of-this-world but satisfying nevertheless.

United States
  We ate there a couple of days a go and every single person got sick from the food. We thought that it just might be a coincidence but it turned out that some friends of ours went after us and they got sick too. The food used to be good but now I guess their standard is going down.

United States
★★★  Nice food. Takes a while to get to the table.

United States
★★★★  Very delicious food. I'd recommend eveyone to eat there. The location is very poor.

Garland, TX
★★★★  The food is very good and the decor is charming. The selections are quite extensive, even for the drinks. The only downside is that they are located in a not-so-nice portion of Houston.

United States
★★★★★  Had it when visiting Houston, and the desi food was outstanding. Everything was just great. Definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for good spicy subcontinental food. Also ensured that it is authentic halal.
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