Shahi Grill
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Shahi Grill
1724 Woodlawn Drive #31, Gwynn Oak, MD 21207
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Open Tuesday thru Sunday, 11am till 10pm. Closed Monday.  Added on May 31, 2004 and last updated 1 year ago

Shahi Grill
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United States
★★★★  Good food albeit a little basic in the buffet. 4/5 for the quality of the food, 1/5 for the decor, seemed like a make-shift wedding hall. Owner was friendly so that's another plus.

WindsorMill, MD
★★★★★  Very fluctuating food quality/ kheer and bbq is good. Not reccomended except weekends

Plano, TX
★★★★  This is my second review, overwriting the first one. I even added a star to their service. I think I based their behavior on the buffet hours, but when I was at that place for dinner, the owner was really very friendly, attentive and courteous. And as always, Food is really good at this place.
A nice and a clean ambiance for Dinner.

United States
★★★  We have been to this restuarant many times. Initially, the food was good but as the local competition went out of business (O's Place), their standards have diminished. The food quality fluctuates from being very good to just average. The owner needs to be more welcoming and pleasant. He needs to realize that customers are his bread and butter...a smile here and there would go a long way. They include gratuity in their bill which should be an option for us. They also charge sales tax on the entire amount including gratuity which I find offensive. The prices have also gone up in recent years due to lack of competition.

Baltimore, MD
★★  I wish I could say something nice. The owner means well, but it's more of a catering business. Don't go here looking for well-executed food. Kind of like the food an average aunty makes at a party.

Baltimore, MD
★★★★★  Thumbs up, way wayyyyyyyyyyy up! I loved this place. If I'm within 100 miles of this place, I'm definitly going in. A huge selection on buffet. ( I spoke with the owner about the Halal meat issue and he walked me back to their cooler and every box of meat/chicken they had cert. halal stickers on it) So, go ahead, and treat your taste buds!

Pikesville, MD
★★★★  Food overall is OK
The place is depressing, so dark inside even in the middle of the day.

San Francisco, CA
★★★★  These guys have a pretty good lunch buffet. The staff was attentive and service was good. Based on my first visit here, I recommend it.

United States
★★★★  food was lassi was normal but very expensive.location is took us around 45 mins from midtown to get there.the nice thing is masjid is just a few doors away.

Columbia, MD
  I find out with one of their former employee, they don't sell Halal.
I Been there once before i found out and there Food is disgusting(basi food),Naan were cold,No Ac inside.One of the Host name Abudar were so rude.
I will never go there,not only because of food but also they dont sell Halal. So make sure before going there they sell Halal.
Shahi Grill responds: This is Shahi Grill management responding to the comment: They don't use Halal Meat Everyone please rest assured, Shahi Grill always has, is, and, Insha'Allah, always will serve 100% Zabiha Halal meat. From the day we opened our doors almost 9 years ago we have been proudly and honestly serving the MD/DE/DC/VA communities, including catering many events at ISB, Darul Taqwa, ICCM and many others. We are upstanding members of our community who pride ourselves for serving the Muslim community honestly and in accordance to Islamic principles. If anyone has doubts or questions about the meat we use or the Islamic principles we follow, we invite you to come and see the truth for yourselves. We have nothing to hide, and fear no one except the Almighty ALLAH SWT To those who are listening to and spreading heresy, we request that you fear ALLAH, and please try to find out the truth before you say anything to others. In addition, if anyone feels we are not doing something according to Islam, please come and tell us. Our #1 goal is to serve the Muslim community honestly. To this end we pray that ALLAH helps us to achieve our goal. Ameen.

United States
  Bad (not fresh) food, poor decor, and ave. service. Not even a single dish on the buffer had any flavor or taste just very bland poorly cooked food with tons of oil. Worse than typical desi joints and that's saying a lot. What is it with these places, guess the usual patronage is quite happy with whatever 3-day old crap they serve as the place was full. The only thing that was half decent was the kheer and chai.


Certainly won't be going there again. Arghhh

Towson, MD
★★★★  Consistently good. Have daily buffet with a good variety of food. Very good service. Homey traditional atmosphere. Food highly recommended.

Orlando, FL
★★★  The host especially Abu dhar is very hospitable. Their fresh food, that happens once a week, is very good. Other days, just concentrate upon their tikka and Bar-B-Qued items. Their Biryani is also good and is made fresh. Their crown jewel is the kheer that is made almost daily. If they make their food fresh everyday, they can do a lot better.

United States
★★★★★  Shahi Grill has good food consistently. I have been there several times for lunch and on the weekends. Their food is always fresh, tasty, and authentic Pakistani. They bring you fresh naan which makes the experience even better. This is definitely a place to take your family as they have enough room and ample parking.

Montgomery Village, MD
★★★  As usual we discovered this restaurant using We drove an hour to get there. They have plenty of parking as it’s in a strip mall. Upon entering you won’t be impressed as it looks like some low budget Chinese restaurant but they do have plenty of seating. The time we reached no body was there which was 3PM weekday. We were greeted by very courteous Moroccan sister Amina. She advised us buffet is all day long. We were amazed by how big buffet selection was. They had 6 different kind of chicken curry dishes which you usually don’t find in Pakistani restaurant’s typical buffets. We loved the fact that they bring you Naan as much as you need which is always smoking hot. Over all we loved our visit including sister Amina’s enjoyable company. She is very good with kids. Price was very reasonable. We ordered delicious hot Chae for the road. Entire food menu was very tasty. They have Masjid and desi grocery stores next door as well. They do take credit card.

New Castle, DE
★★  Why do pakistani restaurants tend to be so average. there is nothing exciting about this restuarant. It is the same old buffet style restaurant with below average food meant to fill you not to satisfy you. Another in the long line of disappointments. Only thing i liked was the kheer. Still waiting to find a pakistani restaurant in this area where I can enjoy taking my family to.

Broadlands, VA
★★★★★  Shahi Grill is under a new management and has moved to the space where the old Shaheen Restaurant was at. Shahi Grill has the best desi food i've had in a long time. Most of their staff are ex-employees from Shaheen so they brought their excellent recipes and customer service with them. What the other halal restaurants lack in Baltimore, Shahi makes up for it in many ways. Their buffet is pretty good and the naan is brought invidually to everybody's table. The owners are very friendly and it's fairly priced. I highly recommend the new Shahi Grill to anybody that had bad experiences at the other Woddlawn area restaurants.

Cockeysville, MD
NR  Note: On Wednesdays this place closes at 4 p.m.

Columbia, MD
★★★★  I would rate this place above average, for its intended market. It's a great "cheap eats" type place when you're looking for quick & fast desi (Indo Pak) food, particularly in regards to a cheap lunch buffet. I only go there for lunch, and when I need some quick good food. The buffet (I think it was 5.95 or 6.95) is pretty good, with a good assortment of meats, vegetables, daal, NICE fresh naan (bread), plus there's always a good dessert (usually keer, rice pudding) plus fresh salad. I like the variety, and the quality/freshness seems good. Recommended for a good budget halal meat, may not be suitable for a formal dinner outing.

United States
★★★  The meat will leave an impression on you-a great one. I don't think that I've ever been to a restaurant with meat this tender. Absolutely excellent meat. If you ask for a side of rice you'll get a fragrant pile of basmati but watch out for the seemingly hidden cinnamon shards. The veggies are tender too but I think the dishes need more of them. If you like spicy food, you've found your home away from home. I love spicy food but thankfully on my 2nd visit the owner remembered me and remembered to lower the heat! A few things to know before you go, the beverages are canned(the store does not carry ice but the owner made an exception for me-and maybe you too-and got the ice from somewhere), the utensils are plasticware, the plates are styrofoam and the cups are plastic. Definitely not a place for a romantic dinner but a great place to stop for a halal lunch-as long as you're not in a hurry. I expected "typical American service" (menus and drinks right away, not waiting a long time for the check or to refill drinks) which you won't find which slightly disappoints me but I look at it as an exercise in patience while waiting for the food. Most entrees are between 7.95 and 9.95 which include 1 naan and no rice. While I do enjoy the food I'm choosing an "Average" rating because of the bathroom that needs a makeover ASAP, the somewhat slow service, the decor and the lack of fresh ice.
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