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This is the catering division of Mass Chicken.  Homey eatery for rib-sticking American-meets-Middle Eastern fare, from rotisserie chicken to kubideh kabobs, and sides spanning meatloaf, corn muffins and veggie dolmeh.   Added on December 26, 2010 and last updated 4 years ago

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United States
  I went today to the restaurant, but it was so dirt. even what i ate wasn't fresh so i feel my stomach bad. After i've came from harvard square to look for halal, i found myself in front of dirts.

United States
  We came here because we were in from out of town and it was late, thus being the only place we could find open and halal. When we walked in, I immediately noticed how dirty it was. The tables weren't even wiped down with oil and crumbs on them. My young child had to use the restroom, which was also very filthy. We ordered the quarter chicken with two sides (chose the dolma and veggies), ($8) and the chicken kebab and salad, ($7) an additional side of rice ($3.50) and a piece of pita bread ($?.??). The chicken was dehydrated, the skin and exterior meat was dry and hard. The dolma was obviously frozen and thawed several times that the texture of the filling was mush, and it was served extremely cold, the salad was slimy, and the chicken kebab tasted awful. The rice was all we could eat, even though it was dry and flavorless. We chalked it up to there being only one person there and it being late, but after reading many other reviews on multiple websites, everyone seems to carry the same opinion about this place. The woman working was incredibly rude, and we paid $26 for food that we couldn't even eat. Never going back to this place when I'm in the Boston area, and I would never recommend this place. In fact it would be wise to call an inspector into this place as I'm sure that the food is old and outdated.

I just want to note that I'm typically not picky, as long as the food is fresh. But the fact that it wasn't fresh (or even close to fresh), that it was so dirty and that the service was rude, I wish there were an option to give 0 stars.

Manchester, CT
★★  Don't remember how many and what dishes I tried but I was NOT impressed with any of them esp the Chicken Shawrma. I had a hard time finding 'chicken' in it, felt like eating a Veggie Sandwich.

San Francisco, CA
★★  Wings and kubideh sandwich were not tasty at all. Not sure I would recommend.

Boston, MA
★★  The owner said that it is halal. The chicken kabob was good, but the rest of the food was like we were eating out of a trash can! I have never had such terrible food anywhere.

Other customers seemed to have the same problem. Who knows, maybe they were having a bad day. But I hesitate to go back.
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