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This is the catering division of Boston Shawarma.  Boston Shawarma will always committed to hight level of the service and great food, atmosphere. Our commitment to excellence extends to our great employees, all of whom have been with us for almost a decade. Come by and let us show you how great ingredients, service, and food combine to make for an memorable middle east cuisine experience.  Added on July 4, 2000 and last updated 3 years ago

Boston Shawarma Catering
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United States
★★  Food is just not very good unfortunately.

United States
★★★★★  Nice Shawarma both chicken and beef

Also, Kofta is tasty

United States
★★★★★  This place is just great!!! You will find finger licking food here,, very delicious. The person who works there is really very hard working and makes the greatest food you expect. I would recommend this place. Entire menu is HALAL.

Daytona Beach, FL
★★★★  Food is very nice.. Service is good but slow.. One shouldn't really complain as this establishment is run by just one person

United States
NR  alright me and my wife were went to this place. And guess what the address that they have on here is a Freekin House address i was very disappointment, and was very pissed off. And i was very very hungry. responds: We have updated the geocode for the map, but the address given appears to be accurate. We will verify this with the owner.

Lincolnwood, IL
★★★★★  Definitely a must-hit halal restaurant in Boston, whether you are on the go to the MFA or looking to dine in. Try the sujok or makanek sandwiches, they are delicious and packed with flavor. Not sure about the criticism regarding service, they were always friendly and quick when I've been there.

Santa Clara, CA
★★  If I had to choose between alhamdulillah (thumbs up) and astaghfirullah (thumbs down) as this websites suggests, I'd have to go with astaghfirullah. I don't know if these are the best shawarmas in the Boston area, but there are definitely better shawarmas to be had where I come from.
Plus, the service was sub-par; I asked him for water for me and my two friends and after trying to grab his attention twice he relented by giving me one cup of water.

Somerville, MA
★★  The food is ok but the service the not! The person serving has an attitude.

Little Rock, AR
★★★★  I enjoyed there sharwama with a friend there. It was so good in taste that I packed 3 more sharwamas for family before my return flight to home.

Boston, MA
★★★  Good food and their lamb is really good.
But do NOT even try their fool sandwich, it was really nasty!
everything else was good.

Secane, PA
★★★★★  Great owner. Great prices. Food was repeatedly a hit for everyone when they cooked for us during Ramadan.

Mansfield, MA
★★★  I travel from providence to boston to eat at this place. overall nice and clean.

United States
★★★★★  Excellent Shawerma, very tasty.

United States
★★★★★  It was refreshing to see good quality halal food available in the heart of boston. Food was fresh and served promptly. Highly recommended. I beelive is doing a great service. Had it not for this website, I would have never known about boston shawarma as well as other halal food vendors in the area. Also, the rating system helps as well.

United States
★★★★  I loved everything I've had there -except the kibbeh which was a bit dry. GREAT lentil soup and Konafah Nablusiyyah. It's my favorite place to eat when I'm on campus (Northeastern University). The first time I went they gave me complimentary baklava which I plan on returning to sample many times insha'allah.

United States
★★★★  I being a student in Boston, eat here often. The few items that I have tried are all good. Though I would highly recommend the Kafta Kebab sandwich or dinner plate. The shop is rather small, since most customers (students mainly) stop by for a quick sandwich. And last but not the least, the service is friendly and prices are very decent.

United States
★★★★  AA - We came to boston on a short visit. The food is reasonably good. The place is rather small and tarnish but looks like this is the trend with all the resto of the city. a good value over all.

United States
★★★  Didn't like it at all.. We tried it a couple of times but there shawarma always has a burnt taste to it.

United States
★★★★  "We recently visited Boston to attend a conference and had lunch and dinner at this Place. This is certified halal restuarant, mostly middle eastern. Chicken Shawerma was good, but Chickem Kekab was excellent. Sweets like Baklawa etc. is available. Very close to Boston Convention Center and Northeast University."

United States
★★★★  A great place to pick up Middle Eastern sandwiches (hummus, baba ghannoush, shawarma) or to sit and enjoy a more substantial plate with shawarma or kebab and Middle Eastern salad and other side dishes. Good value for your money.

United States
★★★★★  "A pleasant fast-food eatery located near Northeastern University and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Shawarma serves the usual Shami staples (from kabobs to falafel to tabbuli) plus authentic items like Fattoush and Kibby. Rounding out the menu are an unusual variety of pies, desserts, and homemade juices. The ""Allah"" poster was comforting behind the counter, the cashier assured me the chow was halaal, and no alcohol is served. Add friendly service, sound presentation, decent prices, and it's no wonder the joint is popular with homesick Levantines and the hordes of area students looking for cheap, tasty fast food. They also deliver."

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