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What definition of "halal" are you using to determine whether or not a restaurant is halal?

We including a restaurant on if they claim to serve at least one dish with meat that has been intentionally slaughtered using Halal guidelines. Because there is no universally agreed-upon definition of halal, we depend on the investigative resources of our readers to verify the claim or report through exactly what the establishment considers to be halal. For example, if a restaurant claims to be halal, yet our readers find evidence that it may not be, we show that information on our site so that our readers can make up their own mind whether or not they feel comfortable with that restaurant. As we move towards more universal standards of halal, and new legislation mandating "truth in advertising halal" comes into effect (as is happening in the US and other countries), we will have a more secure definition that we can depend upon.

Can verify whether or not a particular establishment is halal?

Restaurants are added to when they are identified by our users or ourselves has having at least one halal option (cooked separately) in their menus. Although we make every effort to verify claims of halal authenticity directly with halal restaurants when they are challenged by customers, there is no single company, authority, or government that can enforce halal standards worldwide. As such, we have to balance the claims of restaurant owners (who allege defamation and loss of business when challenging their halal claims) and the views of users who feel that restaurants are not sufficiently "halal" for their liking. As you can imagine, it is not an easy task.

Instead, we simply strive to have accurate descriptions of what is being offered. Many restaurants have halal meals cooked separately from non-halal foods, which qualifies as a "partial halal menu" on Others serve alcohol to their non-Muslim customers. In surveying our users over the past 12 years, the vast majority of them are comfortable with this, as long as there is a halal option for them when dining out. Those who are not can insist on patronizing restaurants that are categorized on as having "fully halal menus," restaurants that are listed as "alcohol free," or those what are explicitly certified by a recognized halal authority (though only a small minority of halal restaurants seek such certification).

Ultimately, the responsibility for truthfulness lies with the restaurant owners and the responsibility for adhering to halal lies with the customer. As both are dealing with a religious requirement, both are answerable to God. Our responsibility is to be fair, accurate, and transparent - not to enforce. We state clearly that the "eater should beware" of changing menus, non-halal products, or false claims by restaurant owners. We have allowed user reviews since our inception for this very reason, so that users could relay their experiences to others, pressuring (if necessary) restaurant owners to shape up.

Why do you include restaurants on that serve alcohol?

Rather than shunning restaurants that are serving alcohol, we believe that it is better to list them with their faults so that community members and potential customers of these businesses can let these establishments know how important it is for them to be alcohol free. Incentives, rather than punishment, are the best way to raise the standards for the restaurants listed on

You show some restaurants as being closed. Why are they still on the list?

We keep closed halal restaurants on the list for up to a year in order to inform people who might not know about the closure - before they make the trip and find out in person. This also prevents people who aren't aware of the store's closing from attempting to add it to the site.

You list some KFCs, Burger Kings, and McDonalds as being halal. Does that mean all of them are?

In the case where a branch of a major food chain is listed in, it is because the management of that particular store decided to procure halal meat for that store's menu. It does not mean that the entire chain is halal. Please confirm with the management of these stores to verify halal status.

Is there an Arabic (or other language) version of

We do not currently have the capability for an Arabic version of You may try one of the free English-to-Arabic translation services, such as, to view in Arabic. Take heart, though - a multi-lingual version of is in the works.

Can you show menus of the restaurants on

We do not currently have the capability to show menus for the restaurants on This feature is planned for the near future, however.

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