New Leaf Community Markets
Headquarters: New Leaf Main Office, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Description: Scott Roseman came to Santa Cruz in 1977 to attend UCSC. While a student, he joined Our Neighborhood Food Co-op, located on the Westside of Santa Cruz. In the summer of 1984, about three years after he was hired onto the Co-op staff, Scott was diagnosed with leukemia. It took a year to go through the necessary treatment, but towards the end of that year, as the Co-op was floundering, he made an offer to purchase its assets. An agreement was reached that included a process for the store to repurchase Co-op members' shares through a discount, and on October 20, 1985, the Westside Community Market opened.

The original 3000 sq. ft. store was located on Ingalls Street, in a warehouse building in a mixed residential/light industrial area. With a focus on offering great organic produce and supporting the community, Westside Community Market grew sales. In 1989, Rex Stewart, who had been operating a consulting business for natural foods stores, joined with Scott to begin planning the move and expansion of the business. In May of 1990, Westside Community Market on Ingalls Street closed its doors and three days later, New Leaf Community Markets opened two blocks away on Mission St., more than doubling its size. 19 years later, the store moved back to Ingalls Street, to a new building, three times larger. Now with six stores, Scott and Rex continue to work together and grow New Leaf with innovation, community giving and the best selection of local and organic food on the Central Coast.

Halal summary: Select locations within this chain have begun offering halal products since mid-2011 including the ever expanding Saffron Roads brand of frozen meal entrees. Some Saffron Road offerings at this location may include Lamb Vindaloo, Lamb Saag, Chicken Tikka Masala or Chicken Biryani. Each chain location may add additional options based on positive consumer demand for halal products.

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7 outlets associated with this chain
19 products at these outlets
Three Cheese LasagnaSaffron Road

Manchurian DumplingsSaffron Road

Macaroni & CheeseSaffron Road

Thai Basil Chicken TofuSaffron Road

Classic Culinary Vegetable BrothSaffron Road

Traditional Chicken BrothSaffron Road

Artisan Roasted Chicken BrothSaffron Road

Chicken TendersSaffron Road

Chicken BitesSaffron Road

Tandoori Seasoned Chicken NuggetsSaffron Road

Chicken NuggetsSaffron Road

Chicken Pad ThaiSaffron Road

Lamb KoftisSaffron Road

Lemon Grass Basil ChickenSaffron Road

Moroccan Lamb StewSaffron Road

Lamb VindalooSaffron Road

Lamb SaagSaffron Road

Chicken Tikka MasalaSaffron Road

Chicken BiryaniSaffron Road

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