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Whether you are looking for a Halal meal on the way home from class or stocking up for Ramadan after Jumma, Saffron Road Halal certified simmer sauces and frozen entrees can now be found in even more locations convenient to you. American Halal is proud to announce the availability of the Saffron Road Chicken Tikka Masala Frozen Meals at select Arizona, California and Colorado area Costco Warehouse stores. This entrée is an exotic epicurean delight! Prepared with tender, boneless, all natural Halal chicken, and baked according to authentic traditions with freshly-ground tandoori spices simmered in a savory yogurt and tomato sauce. Add basmati rice, naan and a garnish of mint leaves, cucumber slices, or lemon wedges to make an irresistible meal. (More here...)

'The Islamic fasting month of Ramadan is underway, and in France it underscores the growing influence of Muslim shoppers. In the Paris suburb of Livry Gargan supermarkets and manufacturers are scrambling to meet the demand for halal products that meet Muslim dietary laws.' (More here...)

For many, the Olympics is a time of uniting for sport. Shaukat Warraich has helped unite London in a new form: over iftar. (More here...)

Halal foods comprise one of the fastest developing consumer markets in the United States of America. Halal consumers spent $15 billion on food items and related services in 2011. This phenomenal growth is reflected in the number of stores selling halal meat – from 10 outlets in 1970 to over 2300 in 2012 (based on data compiled by and the White Pages). In addition, there are now over 6900 restaurants serving halal consumers. The halal market has created tens of thousands of American jobs, according to IFANCA research. (More here...)

We would like to wish everyone Ramadan Mubarak. Thanks for using as well as our sister websites (for information on Mosques/Masjids) and (for information on online Islamic products). (More here...)

What's on the table for Ramadan? Plenty. If you were expecting kebabs and more kebabs, think again. Food served during the Islamic observance is as diverse as the Muslim world itself. (More here...)

Whether you are looking for a Halal meal on the way home from class at UCSD or SDSU or stocking up after Jumma in San Diego or North County, Saffron Road Halal certified simmer sauces and frozen entrees can now be found in even more locations convenient to you. American Halal is proud to announce the availability of the Saffron Road Chicken Tikka Masala Frozen Meals at local San Diego area Costco Warehouse stores. Saffron Road's products consist of all natural Halal certified foods which are sustainably farmed, free from hormones and antibiotics, and Certified Humane(R) - all in keeping with Saffron Road's tayeeb values. All of our livestock are zabihah hand slaughtered using classical Halal methods which we believe are more pristine and true to the original intent of Halal tradition. (More here...)

As he laced up his shoes and headed out to train last summer, Mohammed Ahmed would often end up logging 160 kilometres or more in a given a week - all while fasting. It's been a familiar routine for the 21-year-old Muslim distance runner since he was in high school and found his training schedule coinciding with the month of Ramadan. 'Every single year, I fast, I do the training. But it would give me a couple of months where the important races, the races I was preparing for, where I can gain any weight that I've lost, any energy that I've lost .... But training-wise, it didn't really affect me,' Ahmed said in an interview from the University of Wisconsin in Madison where he attends school and competes for the Badgers. 'It actually got me stronger,' he added. (More here...)

Patch is relaunching its Readers' Choice program and we're asking you, your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and anyone else who knows about West Bloomfield to nominate the best spots in West Bloomfield. We'll keep accepting nominations through July 9. After that, nominations will be closed and we'll start the voting, so make sure to get in your favorites now. Thanks in advance for your participation. Sign up for the newsletter to find out when voting starts so you can support your favorite institution in the Readers' Choice contest. To nominate a restaurant, please visit: (More here...)

Disclaimer: Sharing for entertainment purposes only. Not meant to offend any choice or decision. Enjoy! (More here...)

Driven by the urge to unite 'halal' and 'gourmet,' Mohamad Fakih built himself a beautiful butcher shop in Mississauga. Actually, the Lebanese-Canadian entrepreneur built Paramount Butcher Shop for his wife Hanan after she complained about the grungy state of halal meat counters and asked him to do something about it. Hanan yearned for an upscale shop, something like a place called Goodies that her mother-in-law takes her to in Beirut. Mohamad, who owns the burgeoning Paramount Fine Foods restaurant chain, polled customers and discovered they all want the same three things in a halal butcher shop. (More here...)

Greetings fans. Ever wanted to get more information about halal offerings for your favorite locations? Well wonder no more! Our website and just recently our mobile apps now have the ability to display halal summaries for stores, restaurants and markets. Go forth and enjoy your new ability to have access to halal summaries on the go! Visit or download an app for your device: Android: BlackBerry: iPhone: (More here...) gives a ruling about using To be clear, the only criterion for being listed on our site is that food with zabihah halal meat (Islamically slaughtered) are available for sale at the establishment. We realize there are differences of opinion as to hand vs. machine slaughtered meat, presence of alcohol and non-halal meat, etc. so we try to convey this information as it is presented to us so that you can decide for yourself whether you feel comfortable eating there. The more information you share with us, the more we can communicate to our readers! (More here...)

This week, our new zabihah for BlackBerry app joins our popular zabihah for iPhone app (downloaded over 100,000 times so far) and our recently launched zabihah for Android app, as we continue to provide options for Halal-seeking foodies on the go. As our web traffic increases every day (we now serve nearly 12 million unique users per year), an increasing percentage of our user base is coming from mobile devices. We've provided a mobile version of for over 10 years, with the first version available for the Palm Pilot (remember those?) and new version in the works all the time. WebOS and Windows Mobile users, we haven't forgotten you - while we work on your mobile apps, point your browser to and you'll get an optimized version for your phone right now. Let us know if there are features you want in your mobile app - we're constantly trying to improve our mobile halal-seeking experience. (More here...)

Representatives from will be featured at the World Halal Forum 2011 to be held April 4-5, 2011 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The World Halal Forum has become the leading industry forum on the halal industry since its inception in 2006. Representatives from will speak about 'Positioning Halal Values on the Retail Shelf,' using experiences from the marketing of Saffron Road through and elsewhere to see how halal values can translate to a wider audience. Halalfire and is proud to be a media partner of the event for the second year in a row (we were also a featured speaker at the World Halal Forum Europe in 2010). More information, including registration information, can be found at the World Halal Forum's website. (More here...)

Representatives from will be featured at the World Halal Forum Europe 2010, to be held November 10-11 at Earls Court Conference Centre in London, England. We will be giving a presentation on reaching halal consumers, based on our experience with one of our clients, American Halal, whose Saffron Road halal entrees have been featured at Whole Foods Market stores across the United States since September 2010. We'll also be chairing a panel discussion on the case for accreditation agencies in the halal industry. We were honored by the World Halal Forum with an award in 2008, presented to us by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Badawi. We're also proud to be a sponsor of the event, which has been held since 2006 in Malaysia and for the second year in a row in Europe. More information, including registration information, can be found at the World Halal Forum's website. (More here...)

Over the past few months, we've quietly been working with restaurants all over the world to build new features that help them and help you, the halal consumer. Now, we're proud to announce that over 250 restaurants have signed up with us in just the last two months to manage their listings and offer coupons (vouchers for you diners in the UK) for their restaurants and markets. When you visit a participating restaurant's page on, you'll see coupons that you can print and take with you to save money on halal food. And there's more. You'll see relevant coupons show up when you browse a region with participating restaurants, when you browse our home page, or when you search any location in the world. When you login with your username, you'll see coupons available in your registered area in the sidebar. Finally, we're rolling out the coupons on our mobile applications. Imagine browsing halal restaurants on your mobile device and seeing special offers in your area. Just bring up the coupon on your phone and show it to the participating merchant. Mobile coupons are available now on our ZabihahLite iPhone app and coming soon to updated native apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Google Android (we're working on the Blackberry too, don't worry). If you're a restaurant or market owner whose listing is on, just click the "I own" button on your page once you've logged in and we'll do the rest. Coupons are a great way for owners to connect with customers and for customers to save money. And trust us... it's just the beginning. (More here...)

Ramadan is typically our busiest time of year, as people opt more and more for the convenience and variety found in the growing number of halal restaurants in the West. As we track the growth of the marketplace, one factor we have noticed is the increase in mainstream, non-Muslim oriented companies offering halal options to their customers. This research was the basis of a report and interview of us on the BBC's Arabic Service focusing on the UK market in particular. We also found ourselves the topic of conversation at Boing Boing, one of the most popular blogs online. This follows on the heels of our earlier interview in Time Magazine on the growth of the halal marketplace worldwide, one that found us at the center of a growing $600 billion market of halal restaurants, products, and services. (More here...)

When we launched our groundbreaking zabihah for iPhone app in June 2009, we wanted to make an app that was the best overall restaurant guide for the iPhone. But we knew there was much more we wanted to do. We kept improving the app based on your feedback and worked tirelessly to provide an even better mobile experience. Finally, we're proud to announce version 1.5 of zabihah for iPhone, a feature-packed native iPhone application that brings tens of thousands of confirmed Halal listings, mosques, and reviews to the iPhone App Store. Following in the footsteps of the zabihah web app for the iPhone - one of the very first iPhone applications and showcased at the launch of Apple's web app directory - zabihah for iPhone 1.5 harnesses the power of the iPhone 3G to bring users a list of the nearest Halal restaurants, markets, and mosques, complete with driving directions, embedded maps, informative reviews, and contact information. Users can also write reviews, upload photos, and add or edit restaurant information. (More here...)

Walking down the high streets of England, it is not uncommon to come across creative manifestations of a certain well known multi-national fried chicken restaurant chain (often unintentionally humorous). For some time, KFC has had requests to provide halal offerings of its own in some of their UK stores. Such a decision is not without precedent - the Subway sandwich franchise has successfully operated halal-only versions of its stores in the UK with some commercial success. So bring on the good news - KFC is running a halal trial in a small number of stores in the London area. As always, you can view all the halal restaurants within a chain of stores on a single page at It's a sign that major chains and multi-nationals are finding that serving halal food makes good business sense. And the more that halal is associated with quality brands, the better for everyone. (More here...)

As has grown worldwide from our North American roots, we have been aware of the need for in languages other than English. Until now, we have been able to serve only English speakers/travellers or those for whom English is not a primary language. However, there are millions of Muslims around the world who are unable to use an English site or would simply prefer it in their native tongue. As such, we have been working behind the scenes to make this a reality and are now ready to open up our first few non-English language sites to beta testing. We are looking for native Spanish, Italian, German, French, Malay, and Indonesian speakers who are able to browse a preview version of in those languages and give us feedback (in English) to verify if translations and word use are accurate. If you are able to help us out - and in turn help promote the use of in your language - please contact us. Inshallah, we're looking to launch these sites in early 2009. (More here...)

Shahed Amanullah, the founder of, used the International Halal Market Conference in Brunei Darussalam to announce the launch of's Halal Products Guide, which allows global halal consumers to search, rate and review halal products from around the world. "Over the past 10 years, has helped to increase the quality and market size of halal restaurants and markets exponentially," said Shahed. "We hope to do the same with's Halal Products Guide." The guide will allow consumers to browse halal products, learn more about their manufacturers, review halal authorising agencies that confer halal certification on the products, and give manufacturers of halal products crucial feedback, which can be used to increase product quality and respond efficiently to consumer demand. (More here...)

Today at the 2008 World Halal Forum in Kuala Lumpur, was proud to receive the Halal Journal's "Travel and Hospitality" award, which was personally presented to us by Malaysian Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. is quickly growing into a comprehensive hub for halal resources, and this award is recognition of the global impact we are making on the halal marketplace. A special thank you to all those who nominated our site, as well as the wonderful people at the Halal Journal and the World Halal Forum. Keep watching as we unveil new features in the coming months to more effectively serve the entire halal food chain, from manufacturers to consumers. (More here...)

Since July 2007, a revolution has been underway among Subway restaurants around the UK. The American submarine sandwich chain has allowed its franchisees to operate halal stores and dozens of them have done just that. Up to 200 restaurants are expected to go halal in 2008. The restaurants are fully halal - meaning all "ham" sandwiches are made of turkey. Breakfast menus include steak and eggs and turkey rashers. If you want to find all the halal Subways in the UK, you can do it the hard way (going to the Subway website and searching by postcode) or you can go to the new Subway chain page on Listing all the halal restaurants and grocery stores within a chain is one of the new features we've quietly added to the site, with many more in the works. (More here...)

It's been under wraps for a while, but we can talk about it now - we've partnered with Apple to promote the zabihah iPhone/iPod Touch application on Apple's website. Apple approached us and let us know that our iPhone app is a great example of the kind of functionality they intended for the iPhone to have, and wanted to include it as one of 200 featured apps in their new web apps directory. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible - especially you, the user! (More here...)